Saturday, February 13, 2016

Harry Potter

I've just been watching one of the Harry Potter movies (5 actually) while I crocheted and I've been thinking about why I re-watch and re-read things. It's a standing joke in the family - Harry Potter again Mum?? I've watched the movies many times and also read the books many times. Why do I do this? They are good stories with some wonderful moments, but not great literature. Even though there are some great quotes. The films are entertaining but again, not great cinema. Some wonderful moments, some really great actors, some questionable directing, some good music. And still I go back to them. Time and time again.Why?
Because in my head I am with my children again, when they were Harry Potter's age(s). Reliving the excitement that a new book brought. Queuing up at midnight at the book shop just to get a new book. A BOOK! And having to buy 4 copies of it so that everyone had their own and could read in peace. The house was silent for a while (not long, I have to admit, since everyone just got stuck in). Everyone read and read and read. And this was pure joy to me, to see my children so engrossed in a book for the whole day. And then we all talked about it. Talked, laughed and cried (just me for the crying bit). And then I also had the joy of reading it aloud to them. Because of course we had to revise the other books before the new one came out. And so I read aloud for hours with voices too. And when the films came out my voices had to change a bit to accommodate the far better voices of the actors.
I'm so glad that my children (and particularly my eldest) grew up with those books. I'm so glad we had the magic and excitement of not just the stories but the anticipation of a new book, and the trip to the bookshop. They also read lots of other books too, and I read many others to them. But somehow that little boy who lived will always be a bit special.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Mixed Media Thoughts

Since I've got interested in making crafty things (as opposed to merely paint and pencils) I've noticed that creativity goes in phases. Maybe everyone is making tags, or complicated folded cards, or altering frames and other items. Using alcohol inks, or stamps, or a particular type of marker.
Recently it's been mixed media.
There are some really gorgeous art works around, using paints, paper, fabric, pens all done together to make a unique picture, often with a quote or some words of wisdom. I always seem to be a few steps behind the latest thing, but I've been enjoying my little attempts  at this genre. 
Here is a page I did using Gelatos (a type of crayon that is water blendable), some tissue paper, some others bits of paper and a bit of fabric, one mini light bulb thingy and an old page that I had cut with a Tim Holtz die ages ago and done nothing with. I can't remember where I got the quote.
It's fun to get messy with these sort of pages (I tend to blend with my fingers a lot of the time!) and I never really have an aim when I start, I just grab a few things and a few colours and see where it takes me. 
It's very relaxing, and if the end result isn't satisfactory it's very easy to either add more things on top of what I have, or simply gesso over it and start afresh.
Win win.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Pricklebums Hedgehog Care

I found this sweet picture on a Facebook page this evening. I love the quote too, not a bad sentiment to live by, and it warmed my heart after all the sad news in the world the last few days. Pricklebums Hedgehog Care rescue wild hedgehogs in distress. They are based near Ludlow, in Shropshire, a place I have a soft spot for since I spent many happy hours in the region doing my field work many years ago. It's a gentle place, and that was a gentle time in my life. Would that the world could be more gentle.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Full Moon

There's a fabulous full moon this evening and it's going to be pretty frosty I'd say. I tried to take some photos of it on both my phone and my camera. Not too spectacular on either, but they do catch the atmosphere a little.

This one is from my phone - I don't think you would know that the light in the middle is the moon, it could just be a street light!

And this one is from my camera - a bit more atmospheric, but again, could be a street light.

Must try harder!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

New look to my blog, and isn't it so much better? Thank you Carol, I was so fed up with it before. 
So what has 2015 brought with it so far?

Some sunshine..........

Enough wind to dry the washing............

And some new cosy slippers.........
Happy New Year everyone, may 2015 be a gentle one.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 28th 2014

Well, a year of no blogging, not sure why really! So to get back into it, here's some photos from Segovia, near Madrid, where I spent a lovely few days recently in the middle of a very stressful time in my own life.
It's a beautiful place, a Unesco world heritage site, due to this Roman Aqueduct which dominates the town.
There are beautiful street signs everywhere, and an interesting thing called sgraffito, which is used on the buildings. It has different patterns and colours and it is very pretty.
There is also a wonderful castle, called the Alcazar, which was apparently the inspiration for Disney's Cinderella castle. When I took this photo there were lots of bats flying about in the warm air, it was great, I love bats!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 Some photos from Dun Laoghaire on one of the hottest evenings of the summer, back in July. It was a lovely evening and the sunset was beautiful.

The sun was reflected in the windows of the buildings as it went down, creating a funny effect from the pier with the reflections on the water on both east and west.

 And the moon rose and it was a gorgeous evening.
I'm glad it is now getting on towards autumn though, my favourite time of year!