Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well it had to be a dragon really -

- I couldn't have a blog without a dragon on it, I do love dragons. If dragons could be real how cool would that be? The nearest thing I suppose are lizards and geckos and I like those too. So here I finally am in blog-land, having no idea how to put little pretty things on the sides of my blog, that's my next challenge. I would like to put Petra's Daisy there for a start. And no, I didn't do my dragon myself I have Carol to thank for that :D go take a look at her lovely blog HERE.
It's a beautiful day here, sunny and warm, although I am still coughing and feeling a bit bleh, its not too bad, and no worse than yesterday, so hopefully will not turn into anything nastier. I'm trying to finish a page for a circle journal atm but it's not really doing what I want it to do grrr. And I'm still working on my mirror frame which is drying atm, and hopefully I will be able to sort the mistake I made.
Here's my quote for the day - Who will guard the living when the dead arise? It's from the book Sabriel by Garth Nix and the inspiration for my title. Great series of books, I love them.
Sab xx


  1. I just had to post the first comment! Your blog is looking really really cool now and thank you for the link into mine...

    Looking forward to talking in blogland as well as drinking tea in person. Best of luck with the blog. Onwards and upwards, Cx

  2. Hellooo - love the header picture!!!


  3. Right, I am a bit (a lot) flaky, but it was you I meet today at the CS shop, wasn't it?

    Congrats in getting into blogland, love the dragon, it is a very cool banner.

  4. yep it was me Elisa :D and thanks :D

  5. Just found you passing by Lily's Art Creation's, Love your Blog header and look forward to visiting again.