Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beady Bag

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my bag. Its black with purple spider webs and skulls on it and studs and rings. It used to have a chain across the front of it too, but one of the loops came loose and it kept falling off so I had to remove it. But I now have a collection of badges and ribbons, and I recently bought a piano button which I am going to sew on it. A colleague in work the other day noticed my bag and told me about beady bags. Apparently about 50 or so years ago, Traveller women used to carry these beady bags, onto which they had sewn various beads, buttons and other decorations. Each item had a special memory or significance. This button or that bead reminded them of a person, or a place they had been, or an occasion. And they used to swap with other women to add to their collection. He said that my bag was a little like that, and indeed it is, although I don't want to give any of mine away!!

And here is mine, I have tied some ribbons onto a ring at the top, these are just purple and black ribbons that I had in my collection. On the pocket I have Petra's daisy and a black felt flower with a purple centre that was made by Sian (in hindsight I should have chosen purple with a black centre as I don't think it shows up very well). The red one says 'Princess of Darkness' which I think is fun, cos although I like black and purple and punky/goth style stuff, I am a big softie and a real flowers and sparkle person! The black one on the bottom right says 'My imaginary friend doesn't like you' which is what I would love to say to some people I know but I am way too polite! Also, I would have loved to wear this when I was a teenager, but would have been too timid. Unfortunately I have lost some badges that I really liked, sometimes the pins just come loose, or get damaged and I can't use them any more. I buy them when I see them and they catch my eye, and when I have sewn on the piano button it will be the first button so maybe I am starting a new phase :D

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  1. I know, I know - the button I promised to make you is WAY overdue, but it is not forgotten. The photo and description of your bag is actually very useful and I might change what I originally intended! Cx