Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en!

Here are my baby pumpkins turned into baby Jack-a-lanterns and I had to get them a mummy to watch over them. She is a normal size pumpkin so you can see how small my babies really are!! Over the years I have tried different things on my pumpkin, stars, witches, bats etc, but I keep coming back to the traditional face, sometimes smiley, sometimes grumpy or scary. It always seems to work the best.
I don't really like Hallowe'en very much if I'm honest. I have no problem with the feast of Samhain, or with the world of the dead being closer to us for a while, or even with the thought of witches and ghosts being around a bit more than normal. What I don't like is the whole firework/banger type thing, where it has become an excuse for people to make a lot of noise and nuisance of themselves for no particular reason. Fireworks don't belong with Hallowe'en, it's a far more spiritual and deep-meaning festival. Fireworks are for Guy Fawkes, and we don't celebrate that in Ireland. They are also for celebrating something like a birthday or a wedding. But for many people Hallowe'en is an excuse to throw bangers into your old neighbour's garden, or worse, their letter box. To vandalise things that you would never touch any other time of the year, and to generally go round being a pest and frightening everyone's dogs and cats.
I have no issue with the children going round in fancy dress and knocking for sweeties or treats at their neighbour's houses, but I don't particularly like opening my front door to a bunch of teenagers that I don't know at all demanding something from me with more than a hint of menace. Return Samhain to the druids I say, and let's do this festival the way it's supposed to be!!!
Anyway, rant over......enjoy your pumpkins, fancy dress or whatever it is that you will be doing. My little lanterns will be shining out and keeping the dark spirits at bay, and my warm fire will hopefully do the same for the cold and the rain.

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  1. What a great pumpkin family, Lisa. I love them (and had to giggle at your last post giving the dimensions of the little ones!!!).