Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Dragons!

Finally I got this mirror finished, I've been working on it for ages. It's made from papier mache, built on a thick cardboard base, and done in layers. It took a while for all the layers to dry out. I sprayed it with silver paint and then dabbed black over it and then some more silver, poster paint this time. The blue of the dragon is a lovely paper I got in a kit, its like lizard skin, tho the scaley effect doesn't really show in the pic. And his tail is also scaley. I stuck some 'gems' on it to give it an old castle sort of feel. I had a bit of trouble with the back as I had built up his wing on one side and ofc forgot that I needed to have it level in order to stick the mirror tile on it! So some swearing ensued and I had to do a repair job. It's not 100% how I would like it, but it works ok. Now to make a nice space for myself in a corner of my bedroom - pics will follow :D

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