Thursday, October 29, 2009


This year I planted lots of seeds for ornamental gourds (which I have grown quite well before) and pumpkins. Unfortunately because of the wet summer we had the snails and slugs in our garden came forth and multiplied like never before. So many of my carefully minded seedling were just digestive juice. Out of 2 trays of seedlings I have ended up with these 3 pumpkins. Now, in order to put this in perspective I should add that the one on the right is the size of a tennis ball. And the largest one is the size of a small Galia melon. Im not entirely sure how I will carve them, if at all, but I think I may go for my standard of stars round the edges. When I brought them into the house I was reminded of the Hallowe'en, a few years ago, in fact, many years ago, when I couldn't get a big pumpkin to make a Jack O' Lantern. I was panicking because the children would be so disappointed without their Jack O' Lantern for Hallowe'en. All the pumpkins in the shops were so small. So I hit on the bright idea (well I thought so at the time lol) of buying 4 small pumpkins, one for each child, and carving an individual face or design on it. And that's what we did. We had 4 small pumpkins on the mantelpiece, each with a different face, and each with their own nightlight inside, and each child was happy. Somehow it seemed a very special Hallowe'en.

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  1. You have proven what they say....Size doesn't matter!!!!! Cute photo.