Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yes unfortunately I feel a bit broken just now. My laptop decided to die on Sunday night, which is very annoying. I managed to get my photos and some other stuff off it, but I still haven't got my email contacts. I have an iol email address so I have to investigate how to do that, if I can manage to turn the laptop on in safe mode. So I am back on the family PC and I don't have the luxury of sitting by the fire and TV with my laptop. I'm not sure what's going to happen next, I can't afford a new one and my lovely mum has offered me an early Christmas present so we will see. On top of that the boiler isn't working properly although the Bord Gais technician who turned up over an hour BEFORE his alloted appointment slot says it is. And because I wasn't here, my hubby couldn't show him what the problem was. So that's been re-booked. Sigh. And we also have a dead bike, thanks to a road accident last week but very thankfully not an injured son.
I wanted to put up some Chrismas cards as I have finally started making them, but without the laptop I have to find the card reader in order to load them onto the PC and so that's another grrrr. I am trying to be positive and remember all the good things I have, but you know how sometimes it all just gets a bit much.........I'll be back!

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