Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas cards at last

Well about time too - I finally got all my Christmas cards made and dried and photographed. And I found the card reader and got them uploaded onto the PC. I kept them very simple as always with a variety of papers and snowflakes and inks. These are just two of my designs. I have also made some calendars which I won't put up as they are presents, so I will save them for posting up in the New Year. Next on the list......a badge to wear to Jackie's workshop on Sunday - my oirignal idea isn't going to work unless I get lucky in town on Saturday, so it will have to be something else - thinking cap now on!.


  1. Lovely cards! Can't believe you have all your Christmas cards made! I've a looong way to go yet. Have fun at Jackie's workshop. Hugs Lily.

  2. thanks Lily! We had a good day, lots of ideas aaaand I got a heat gun from the lovely Lynda so I will be doing some stamping on candles soon :D