Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today my mother and I went to my dad's grave. I drove her as she was nervous of the icy roads. She brought some flowers, a rose and some bulbs for the spring. As always, I stood by my father's grave and cried. After we had our quiet moments, we went to Mount Usher Gardens and had a cup of tea in the cafe there. It was lovely there, all Christmassy, with beautiful trees. They have some lovely shops there too and we went and bought some white fluffy stars for the Christmas tree and a white wooden duck. We had a nice afternoon, and when I got home, my hubby had got some holly for me to put over our pictures.
This is the one thing that makes Christmas for me, putting holly over the pictures. When I had it done I breathed a deep sigh and relaxed, now it feels like Christmas is here. It's the one thing my dad always wanted to do, and always said it was Christmas once the holly was up. And obviously it got imprinted onto my brain, as I feel exactly the same. I miss him so much, especially at this time of year, but now the holly is up I feel it is Christmas and he is here, all around me, as ever.

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  1. Just want to wish you and your family (and miscellaneous felines) a very happy 2010 and looking forward to continuing to follow your blog in the coming year. Talk soon, Love Carol xoxo