Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of 2010

and what did I get up to?........sat at my very messy craft desk and made some cards. That's a nice feeling, and I've got more ideas for tomorrow as well.

And I did a lot of reading too - great books these, good stories.
Happy New Year everyone, may it be a good one :D

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Take that, snow! I'm ready for you now, with my new boots and my new snow shovel. Of course, this means that it now won't snow for about 5 years...........

New Boots

This year I've been following Lou's blog. It started out as a photo for every day, but she had such an amazing year that it turned into a journal and has been inspiring and heartwarming along the way. It got to the stage where I had to make sure I logged in every night to check on today's photo and Eli's progress. I admire her discipline, among other things, and I have resolved to try and blog more often and post more pics. I doubt I will manage one for each day but I'm gonna give it a go!
So today's photo is my new boots that I got for Christmas - went out and chose them today and they are very comfy and lovely. Also got a very expensive pair of smart boot socks to go with them. Bring on the snow!! (only kidding :P)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

last flowers........

Well, here they are, the last batch of flowers from my magic box......
I am soooooo behind now with actually using them, but I have planned a day of card making this coming week to catch up.
It was an amazing present, and once again I would like to thank my secret fairy godmother for being so kind and thoughtful. And because I am so behind with using them, this present will last for ages into 2011 as well!!
Thank you.

Friday, December 24, 2010

When icicles hang by the wall

Wow its been a while since I blogged and again, I don't really know why I couldn't get my head round it as I've been reading other people's blogs. It's been really busy and then we had so much snow that didn't help!
These pictures were taken in my garden yesterday and this morning. I'm tired of trudging up and down the road with my shopping trolley now! I'm glad it's Christmas Eve and all the shopping is done.

This sight greeted me when I opened the patio door this morning, they were really beautiful. All melted now as we get the sun, but no doubt will reform for tomorrow. I know I am behind with my flowers but I will make a separate post for them.
Happy Christmas to all, have a peaceful and relaxing time.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Once again time has gone by and I haven't blogged. Not sure why really, cos I have been on here reading other people's blogs and following Eli's story and loving his photos. It's just been busy busy busy. And then it snowed. And snowed. Sadly for me, it snowed in one of our busiest weeks and it has been an absolute pain trying to get in and out of town to ballet performances. While it was beautiful, it was so frustrating as everything ground to a halt. And the cats were seriously unimpressed!
I have 3 Friday's worth of flowers to show, but I haven't even taken a photo of last Friday's yet so these 2 pretty ones will have to do for the moment. I haven't done any crafting for ages as I've been too busy, but I did manage to start writing my Christmas cards. Just have to finish them now!

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's a science experiment, Mum!

Those of you with weak stomachs, look away now! Eldest son was away for the weekend and so I decided to investigate the lack of mugs in the kitchen cupboard. I think I collected 25 in total, I had to make 2 trips. I also had to boil several kettles and use lots of washing up liquid, as well as the dishwasher!
The range of growth was quite interesting in a sort of ghoulish way....and yes, his excuse is that it's a science experiment. Which is banned from now on!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crowns and wet cats

Well, its that time of year again when INYB are preparing for their annual production of Nutcracker. As I help out with general backstage dogsbody stuff and props etc, I was collecting costumes and props from the store and bringing them to the rehearsal studio, and I noticed that last year's Rat King crown was broken. Well, I never liked that crown anyway, it was too gold and shiny and naff for a Rat King. A Rat King should have an evil crown, a bit dirty and cobwebby and tarnished from being in the sewers for too long. So I came up with a new one, its only paper and card and papier mache, but it looks a bit more than that. The cobweb effect is just strands of glue. It looks quite good in the scene - and the dancers were well impressed!
The weather has been wild here lately, huge winds and heavy rain. Our little fluffy cat Tiger Lily got caught out the other night in one of the storms. I have never seen her so wet, it was actually dripping off her, and she was NOT happy!
She spent a long time licking and cleaning herself, after having a good moan about it all, and a bowl of milk, which always helps soothe a stressed cat :)

Pear Shaped

That's what's happened, everything has gone pear-shaped! I've ended up with TWO Friday flowers to show, and in the meantime I have made a crown, started my knitting AND been doing Christmas cards. Anyhow, it's catch-up time so here are my two lots of flowers.
I haven't been keeping up with my challenge of making something with each of my flowers, I now have a back-log, but I WILL get around to them all, it's just all been so pear-shaped lately...........

Monday, November 8, 2010

Adventures of a Middle Aged Woman

Ok so, here's the picture. I am sitting on the floor of a shop, a haberdashery, fabric and wool shop. I had been trying to buy some wool when my phone exploded with texts and calls. Suffice to say that some admin had been messed up. So there I am, sitting on the floor, with my folder out to look up some numbers, my bag on one side, my pen out and texting furiously. Meanwhile I want to scream. Very loudly.
Scroll back about half an hour or so. I trundle into town on a Saturday morning with my list. One hour to get my jobs done before a meeting at 11am. Plenty of time. Stop number one, music shop. Music shop doesn't have the music I want and need for pupils. Right. Stop number two, doll's house shop, across the road. Not open. Shuttered and barricaded and no opening times posted. Right. Stop number three, wool shop (I won't tell you the name but it has wool in the title). Need some wool to knit a cardigan for the daughter.
Wool shop has a PATHETIC selection of wool. Right. Cross bridge (over river) and go to above-mentioned haberdashery/fabric/wool shop. On the way my phone rings. Mother of potential pupil looking for info/lesson times. Can't hear her due to loud street noises. Eventually make arrangement (she is very nice btw). Right. Go into above-mentioned shop.
Lots of DK wool but not the right colour selection in the same brand. Learned knitting friend not answering phone. More texts, this time about meeting. Sit down on floor, yes, scream erupting from mouth.
Send texts, breathe, stand up, breathe. Avoid looks from other shoppers who think I am weirdo. Breathe. Leave shop without wool. So far, off my list of jobs I have a big fat zero. Go and buy cup of tea and large chocolate bar. Eat bar. Feel better. Breathe.
Go to meeting, get learned friend on phone. Buy wool (different brands). Go to doll's shop, now open and manage to purchase some items for learned friend. Although they made it very difficult and several items were NOT to be had. Breathe.
It is now pouring rain in what is called stair-rods. Stair-rods go through all clothing and hair and into the wool and also the handbag. 15 minute walk to train at end of which I am now soaking and very glad that I wore 2 T shirts, else I might be indecent. Water dripping off fringe and off nose.
Finally get home, shower, warm up, unpack stuff, pour wine and aaaaaaaaaaaahhh, the day is much better!
and btw that picture is of my beloved Flash - I have inherited his tummy from beyond the grave :D

Friday, November 5, 2010


Well, imaginary shopping really! My very talented friend Carol made me this little shop for my 50th birthday in September. It is approximately 8" high and filled with the tiniest of flowers in baskets and pots. Mostly made by her.
There is even a little poster and some wreaths on the wall, and a pile of tiny pieces of tissue paper for wrapping my flowers in, and a little order book.
She was in my house a few days ago and I was showing her my white flowers that I didn't want to use, and she just opened up the shop (the door opens, and the back also opens up) and very carefully and cleverly folded the stems and put them into an empty jug beside the door. So they now live in my flower shop (we decided they looked just like gardenias) and every time I sit down in my rocking chair I can see them, as my little shop lives on the window sill beside my chair. She offered to make me a selection of banners too, so I could change the mood (like Happy Christmas) but I said no, this was my Happy Birthday shop and that's how it would stay!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flowers, real and artificial

This Friday's flowers were quite spring-like, and reminded me to go out and get some paperwhites which I love in the winter, but are hard to get now. I love the way you can grow them with barely any soil, and they make the most beautiul scent as well.
And this week my Christmas cactus literally burst into flower, a little early, but very very beautiful. I have some other ones which aren't even in bud yet, so I don't know what brought this one on but I'm happy to see it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I love yesterday's flowers, they seem like they are made of clay or something, but the leaves are soft. They are so unusual and pretty I'm not using them on anything I wanna keep them! They remind of the little tiny ones I have in my miniature shop. Which I haven't posted on my blog so I must do that soon. I have 2 days in London this week, seeing Wicked and visiting friends so hopefully I will have time to catch up and do some crafting when I get back.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busy busy

Yep that's pretty much it. Not much time for anything just now. Last Friday's flowers were these little orange marigoldy type things, very pretty!
Been messing about with embossing powder and stamps but nothing constructive really. Roll on half-term!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Again!

Today's flowers are these really unusual and pretty yellow metal ones, and they have sparkly centres as well, they deserve to be put on something special. I counted the envelopes left in my box and there are only 11 - that means only 11 more Fridays until the end of this year - eek!
Some more of the cards I made with my stamped images - this cow is holding 3 balloons that I gave the Glossy Accent treatment. But there's nothing special on the rabbit card except a bit of doodling!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dare I mention it?

The C word that is!! I got some stamped images from Isobel for my birthday, and so I sat myself down one afternoon and laid them all out and watercoloured them all in. I looked at each one and decided which could possibly be turned to Christmas and these are some of the ones I used! They were stickled to within an inch of their lives and I used red and green wherever I could except for a couple which I painted to match the Smirk papers that I had left over from last year.

All the papers and ribbons etc were from last year too, and I can't remember where I got the printed sentiments (hangs head in shame) - and thank you to whoever organised them! I think I like the snowdrops best. I put stickles on the edges of the petals and kept it very simple (like most things I do!) - if I can track down that stamp I would definitely buy it!
Today I got a 'greenhouse' cover for my raised bed, so tomorrow I hope to build that and put it on, which might help to keep whatever is eating my salad leaves actually OUT of my salad leaves. Unless of course I manage to trap it inside the cover............

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Couldn't Resist

This week I have been putting an album together for some friends. I've been working on it for quite a while now, and had to wait to get the right size book rings (thank you CnS) in order to finish it off. It's an album of photos from their honeymoon and above is the first page - I can't put any more pics up just now as it's in the post!
Friday's flowers were these blue felt ones. I have also been doing some layouts this week, and using up some bits and pieces. Sadly I broke my own challenge and bought some new papers - I couldn't resist these autumn ones and the Hallowe'en in Wonderland from Graphic 45. I used some of my birthday money! The smaller bit of paper is white cardstock that I decorated by using a real leaf and paint, so although it looks flat in the picture, it is actually quite textured in real life.
This picture is of my hubby aged 3 on his birthday! I used up all my last week's flowers on it. I love the paper, but it's so busy in it's own right I didn't want to cover up too much of it.
I also painted all my stamped images from my birthday (thanks Isobel) and made some Christmas cards but they are for another day!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a week.......

can't believe I haven't posted since last Monday, the week went by in a haze of coughing and feeling rubbish. AND it was my birthday as well, sigh. Thankfully I started to feel better yesterday and managed to get out for a walk this morning. There were only 8 cygnets down in the park, not sure where the 9th was, I hope nothing has happened to it. There were also 4 little children having a ball rolling down the hill and scrambling back up it. And some pigeons having a group bath in a giant puddle!
I got a lot of stamped images for my birthday (thanks Isobel) and I hope this week to lay them all out on the table and watercolour them. And then to carry on with my challenge and make lots of cards with my bits of paper!
Friday's flowers were these lovely cream ones, I am sure they will find a home on one of the upcoming cards..................ooooh it's nice to feel well again :D

Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, all the winter veg are planted and surviving ok, and being harvested too, so I got my act together this weekend and got some crafting done for a change! I did the layout above for a challenge on CardsnScrapz forum - the colours and elements were set and I wanted to try something different, so I painted the colours onto the cardstock with acrylic paint. Not 100% sure if it works but it was fun!
Then I decided to set myself a challenge to try and clear out some of the paper bits I have accumulated. This little red cardboard suitcase came from Paris in 1982. It's about 12" x 8 x4. We were on an InterRail holiday and it seemed to me to be the very height of Parisian chic! It cost the equivalent of £5, which seemed an AWFUL lot at the time, and used up the very last of my budget. I used it as a handbag for a while, and it has gone through several other phases in its life, but now it is used for storing small bits of paper -
Everything is in a jumble in it, and bits of larger paper get shoved in there when I've done something, and half pads of 6x6 etc - my challenge is to use up this paper on cards etc before buying any more new sheets of paper!
And in the spirit of this, I started off by making this blingy card from torn pieces of handmade paper and purple chocolate wrapper and beads and this weeks flowers! The picture isn't very good, it does look better in real life, and flowers are quite sparkly.
I also had fun with some leaves and acrylic paint, but that's not finished yet so I will save it for another day!
Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Still working on the pressie album, but I paused to make a card to say thank you to someone. I used some of my little purple flowers on it, and the card is the back of a Co'redination sheet. I have a pile of things waiting to go now, some layouts and some cards, but I really want to finish off this album first so pressing on with that!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time for Change

Autumn is a great time for change, and today I spent the morning in the garden, removing the old tomato and pea plants and making space for our winter veg. I decided to bring the green tomatoes inside, still on their stems, as they were getting eaten as fast as they ripened (and before I could pick them!) and the plants were taking up too much space. I have quite a haul, some of them are ripening fine, but I'm sure I will have to make some chutney with the stubborn few.
My gourds are making fruit now, I am hoping they will ripen into the autumn, they look funny, and I quite fancy having a bowl of them on display! We have got some winter salad planted, some cabbage and turnips too, thanks to Quickcrop seedlings (much easier than faffing about with seed trays) and I think next month we will have to buy a protective cover for the bed to see the plants through the winter. The leaves are starting to turn now in the garden as well, and it's going to be a very colourful autumn I think. I cut a few of the dark sunflowers to bring into the house and they look pretty on my windowsill.
Friday's flowers were these blue roses. I have finally got going on my book again, but the flowers are still waiting to be used! There has been a lot churning around my head lately, and I have made some decisions and had some ideas, so I feel a lot clearer now and ready to roll!

Monday, September 6, 2010

To the Waters and the Wild

Its so wet today, a real shock to the system after so much sun and dry weather. I went for a walk this morning and it was really autumnal, the sea had white horses on it, the trees were blowing about and the swans on the pond were sitting huddled up against the rain and wind. The little birds like wagtails were having such a hard time trying to fly, and I saw a swallow struggle past me, going as much backwards as forwards! I bet he thinks it's time for Africa.
The garden really needs it though, and last night we lit the fire, so I'm looking forward to cosy evenings and autumn colours.
I haven't done much crafting this last few days, it was the daughter's birthday yesterday so I made a chocolate and raspberry pavlova and also of course her card, but other than that I'm a bit stuck.
Need some inspiration, it must be gone away with the sun!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I have no idea where the last 10 days went. I came to post several times and then just couldn't get my head around it, for some reason I have felt really flat the last week and can't pinpoint why. After a few sleepless nights (and I do mean sleepless, wow, they were bad) I feel better today, even though the issues causing the sleepless nights haven't gone away, at least one or two small things have been resolved. Anyhow, I got out for my walk this morning (super early, 7.10am!!) and it was lovely. The cygnets in the park are now very grown up looking, in their brown and cream plumage. It's going to be so amazing when they all turn white, but I suspect we won't see it, as I have a feeling they might leave before that.
My favourite route had to be modified as part of it has been closed by the council. It's an old set of stone steps that I loved to stand at the top of and look at the sea, but it was getting quite uneven and dangerous. I hope they fix it soon and don't leave it until after the winter, as I don't like the detour (even though it's tiny), it takes you round by an ugly power station or something and it's smelly!
I have 2 lots of flowers to show today, due to my laziness over the last while. Last Friday I got that lovely bunch of tiny roses, I have used one already on a small gift for a friend and the others I am going to save and just enjoy looking at them. And today I got some metal daisies, they are pink, although the colour doesn't show very well in the photo.
Not sure what they are going on yet, I am getting bogged down in an album that I'm doing for a pressie and my flowers are stacking up! This is the cover of it, the photos are not of their wedding, but I thought one on the cover would be nice as the book is an album of their honeymoon.The cover is mounting board, painted with 2 layers of contrasting acrylic paint and PVA glue. I used some Crackle Paint on the photo to give it a distressed effect but it doesn't really show in the picture. I varnished over the top as well to stop the flakes of crackle falling off!