Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am cutting your hair.
Something I have done, from time to time,
For the last 19 years.
We used to have the TV on
to make sure that you sat very still.
You liked Dangermouse.

I can only do one hairstyle.
Its good that you still like it.
You close your eyes so I can cut your fringe.
I look at your beloved face.
I don't often get so close to your face now.
In my mind I see a small, round, chubby face;
smooth clear cheeks.
Laughing, smiling.
I look at the beard that is now part of you.
And I wonder where all the time has gone.


  1. Lisa I have tears in my eyes now ( I really have ) I can relate to that poem so much now that my son is 18, did you write it yourself.

  2. yep, it came to me when I was cutting his hair the other day :)

  3. I love it,I have read it again and feel the same as I did reading it the first time, its perfect =0)