Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hmmm, interesting...........

The other day, in a fit of spring-cleaning (brought on by the sunshine probably), I decided to empty the toaster. Above is the result, in the kitchen sink with a mug. Hmmm. I think we probably had the equivalent of a loaf of bread in the crumb tray!! But at least the toaster is nice and clean now.
And this morning I learned how to get rid of an air-lock in the water system. I didn't do this by choice, I have to add. The water pressure was very low last night (due to the council's water saving measures) and this morning there was a run on the shower and the sink, as usual every morning in our house. The water pressure was so low that the tank obviously didn't get enough time to fill up and so it emptied. Completely. Not a drop coming out of either tap in the bathroom. And then nothing coming out of the hot tap in the kitchen either. So, a bit of research, and some swearing, and much standing in front of the sink with the taps on and a cloth over the tap and eventually............voilá..............water coming out of all taps again, after some VERY interesting gurgling and glugging noises from the attic!
Sometimes I even surprise myself :P

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