Monday, January 25, 2010

Nutcracker Album

Finally got my little Nutcracker album finished. Its 6x6" and all the following photos were taken by Ewa Figaszewska. Many thanks to her for letting me use them for my album.
This is an amazing shot I think and I just had to include it - it was taken before the show started when the younger dancers were just fooling around!
The next two pages are a photo of the clockwork doll dance in the First Act, Pierrot and Pierrette. I had trouble getting the photo to print out as it is a square photo and so, rather than waste the copies where the edges had been chopped, I used them on the right hand page to make a montage, and represent the broken heart of poor pathetic Pierrot.

After the party is over, the magic starts, and the mice come to visit and generally make trouble.
And then, of course, the angels appear and make everything better again.......
In the Second Act, Clara is in the land of sweets, and there are various dances to represent different types of sweets. This next photo is of the Arabian Dance. The costumes are gold and purple, and the soloist walks on stage dressed in purple veils which are gradually removed by other dancers. I wanted to use the colours and to represent the veils somehow, without covering the photo, so I came up with this ribbon effect.
The last dance before the arrival of the Sugar Plum Fairy is the Waltz of the Flowers. The costumes for this are red and green, like poinsettias, so this paper was perfect. I cut out the frame with a craft knife so that I could put the photo behind it and have the dancers surrounded by flowers.
Thanks again to both Ewa and Mary for their photos and inspiration!

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