Friday, January 1, 2010

Three Wishes

Some time ago, on the CCS Forum, there was a post asking for what your 3 wishes would be. I decided to steer away from the usual ones of world peace, and wishing I was a lot thinner, and younger, and I went for some different ones. Here are my 3 wishes -
A white Christmas
A bunch of flowers every Friday (like I used to get)
A heat gun.
Immediately I had 2 messages from kind crafters offering me a heat gun, which I was given by Lynda (hug) and have now used. Its great!!
On Christmas morning, it was very frosty. Not quite a white Christmas, but nearly. And tonight, at midnight, I welcomed the year of 2010 by standing quietly in my garden in the snow. The air was crisp and clear and beautiful. I could hear the hooters from the harbour, and lots of fireworks. But could only see the snow. And hear the purring of my slightly unhinged cat, who decided she loved me more cos it was snowing! It was so still, calm and beautiful.
BUT - the most magical thing of all. Earlier this day I got a parcel from the postman. It contained a box, a beautiful red box -
When I opened the box I found a message and 52 little gold envelopes -
In each envelope there are some flowers, and the message told me to open one each Friday for the year of 2010. And so I get my flowers each Friday.
I cannot explain how moved I was. It was such a kind and thoughtful thing to do. It is now January 1st, and a Friday, and so I asked my hubby to pick an envelope for me to open.
And here are my first flowers of 2010.
THANK YOU to my fairy godmother. I really cannot believe that I have my 3 wishes granted. It has made 2010 already so special.
Happy New Year to you all, may you have as much happiness as I already have had, and more. xx


  1. That is such a wonderful story, The box is out of this world, may your happiness last all through 2010.

  2. Your box story is so touching nearly made me cry! Whoever made the box is a fairy of the highest order! Love reading your blog! Have a lovely weekend!
    Hugs, Lily

  3. Lisa what a great uplifting post - loved the kindness of the Friday flower gesture. Bless her whoever she is!!