Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bloggy Things

I was given this award a while ago by Carol, and I had no idea how to display it on my blog until she explained it to, finally here it is, and thank you Carol :D
I would like to pass it on to two ladies who take the most amazing photographs. They both have more than one blog, but this award is going to their photo blogs. First its goes to Jackie, for her gorgeous photos, I love looking at them, my most recent favourite is the one of the Samuel Beckett Bridge at night. They always make me feel like I am living somewhere far more interesting and exciting than it actually seems :D. And secondly it goes to Lou, who has started a project this year to have a photo for every day. There is such a range of subject matter, some of them are funny, some are moving, and they are all interesting and inspiring. And very creative. Thanks ladies!

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