Wednesday, February 24, 2010

oh dear

I've done it again........I took the photo and I made the card and then I took a photo of that and then I put the camera somewhere and got sidetracked and forgot about it and then I couldn't find the camera and then and then........anyway here are the flowers from last Friday, little purple ones that I used as the centre for the green daisies cos they work so well together.
This is an Easter card for the children of some friends of mine.
And this is the original notebook I made -
the page are made from rough paper, dyed with coffee and folded so that there are little pockets in which you can put whatever you like! I am using it as a gardening notebook for this year, as we are building some raised beds for our veg. So I have magazine cuttings in the pockets and am writing lists of seeds. Whenever we get round to planting them I will keep a record of the dates etc and we will try and have an ongoing crop of home-grown veg. Whenever the spring starts of course!


  1. good luck with the veg - I planted seeds far to early last year and then by the time the weather got half decent there were too many weeds for me to even see what might be veggies... the spring onions never appeared but was digging this week and found four sprouting! Plug plants for me I think this year....

  2. yeah I have done that before too - going to be careful this year!