Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunflowers, sickness and Star Wars

Yes indeed there has been sickness this week in the Sabriel household. One of my sons has a chest infection, which the doctor said was viral, but then he got a secondary bacterial infection and needed antibiotics which are making him very tired and fed up. I got a nasty throat which I managed to get rid of by gargling with salty water every 2 hours, so no antibiotics for me, hurray. We both felt rubbish, so we sat and watched DVDs, starting with the Star Wars saga. I love those movies, they were so exciting and different when they first came out in the cinema. My son was surprised to read that the first one won 8 Oscars - we forget that it was so groundbreaking and new and amazing in the 70s. And when we found out the truth about Darth Vader and Luke - well - gobsmacked doesn't even go close to describing it. These days, with YouTube and internet, that secret wouldn't have lasted for long!
Sunflowers were in my little gold envelope this week and I used one of them to make a tag which is part of a card I am doing for a friend's birthday. I love sunflowers, they always make me smile.
I am going to use some of the others on a LO with a photo of my dear friend Joan who died last March. Sunflowers remind me of her, because every year I grew some from seed, and gave her a few seedlings which she grew on her patio. Hers usually grew taller than mine! She especially loved the dark sunflowers which I grew one year, and these little flowers are almost exactly the same colour. I have a lovely photo of her and her husband and the sunflowers are going to be incorporated into a LO with some other things too. I miss her very much, but when I think of her I always smile. So perhaps my title should have been - Sunflowers, Sickness, Star wars - and Smiles.


  1. Glad you like the Award and are feeling better. What is an LO?!! Carol x

  2. a Layout, ie a 12x12 design, I will show you next time you are down :)

  3. I recognise this picture, it is on my very very beautiful LO.....or to us new card makers.... a Birthday Card :)