Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well, there might be!

I just love it when I get a burst of inspiration and everything comes together 'just like that'. I have had a photo in my collection for ages, I wanted to scrap it, but I just couldn't get the whole thing right in my head. So as soon as I opened this week's flowers, I knew exactly where they were going! They are little metal marigolds. I love marigolds, especially the simple ones that are like orange daisies. I have only ever had them in one of my gardens, and they were just there, they came up every summer - I presume a present from some birds. They resisted all my attempts to grow them from their own seeds or to try and overwinter them in a pot. And now they remain a lovely memory in this photograph.

The child is my daughter, aged 2, in her ducky dressing gown that she loved, and that we still have. She is walking purposefully up the garden (it was on a slope) for whatever serious intent was on her mind. The garden was surrounded by mixed hedges and these held a sort of magic for the children - I like to think that maybe there were, indeed, fairies at the bottom of our garden. The metal brad doesn't really show up in the photo - but it's a picture of a fairy and it says fairies on it. The paper is 7 Gypsies, and again, I've had it for ages. Bought it cos I loved it but wasn't sure what I was doing with it - until today. The words are made from Hero Arts letter stamps, on watercolour paper and cut out - cos I like cutting out :P


  1. Thank you so much for my little marigold. It is going to top a painted wooden box. Thanks again Sabriel! Cx