Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

I love Earth Hour. For anyone who doesn't take part in this, can I recommend it for next year. All you have to do is to turn your lights and other electrical items off for one hour. The first year that we took part, the family was all a bit dubious - I mean, what on earth will we do for an hour with no TV, computers, lights and playstation? Well, we sat and chatted and laughed for an hour and were enjoying ourselves so much that we forgot to turn the lights back on, and then when we realised the time, we didn't want to as the candlelight was so nice. So now I have turned it into a special event and an excuse for some quality family time. Last night I cooked a special dinner aimed to start at 8pm so that all the kitchen equipment was off by the start of the hour at 830pm. The whole family and one son's girlfriend were there, and had made a special effort to be there, giving up other things for it, which I really appreciated. We had a lovely evening, sitting on in the candlelight well after the hour was over.

And this morning there was a beautiful sculpture awaiting me on the mantelpiece which I really don't want to break up and throw away! The only downside is that the clocks went forward as well and I really miss that sleep time!

This week's flowers were these lovely silver ones, a bit like 4 leaf clovers. Im not sure what I will use them for, as they aren't really very suitable for sticking onto a card, the sticking area is quite thin. Im thinking about attaching them with ribbon to something atm. Will keep you posted!
Aaaaand - we were taking another egg from that box this morning and found yet another little feather in there, a brown one this time - what a lovely weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is the world coming to?!!

Two posts in one day!!!! Here is the porridge tin before, and below is the porridge tin after I got at it.

Its just wrapping paper, as the colours in the butterflies went with the orange of the lid, and the pink of the flowers. One of the butterflies has another stuck over it, from a Secret Garden box that I have had for a while, its the last butterfly :(. It was inked around the edge as I was going to use it for something else and then didn't like it. I was in two minds about ribbon, but I decided it was all or nothing so I went for it. No idea what I am going to use it for, but its pretty :D

Small Treasures

I just love it when some tiny thing catches me unawares and makes me smile. Ladybirds are one of them, whenever I come across one it makes my day. And feathers in egg boxes are another. There I am, in the supermarket doing my weekly shopping, which I hate. I need some eggs and I open the box to check if the eggs are all unbroken and uncracked. And there, sitting on the top, is a little white feather. Or sometimes its a brown one. Either way, it never fails to make me smile. It reminds of the hens at my great aunt's farm when I was a child. And as I only buy organic, free-range eggs, I know that the hen that lost this feather wasn't stuck in a cage the size of an A4 bit of paper with 3 or 4 other hens, but was free to roam outside and see the sunshine and feel the wind in her feathers. I have long held a dream of owning some hens. Just a few, 2 or 3 maybe. It has never been practical so far - but you never know what the future holds, and maybe some day I will have my own supply of little white feathers along with fresh eggs.
I am a bit late with last Friday's flowers, it's been a bit hectic this week between one thing and another. Here they are, some pink felt daisies, which are going on to a porridge carton - you will have to wait for that another few days! I promise I will do it sooooooooon. :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Well, like it says on these cakes my girlie made for me - happy mothers day to all mothers.........and if you have lost your own mother, may your happy memories of her bring you smiles and comfort on this day.

This week's flowers are these lovely silver daisies - one of them went straight onto a wedding mini-book that I am making for some friends who are getting married in July. Honestly, I swear my fairy godmother knows what I'm up to!!! I will be 25 years married in October and I am making an album to mark that occasion too, so the rest of the silver flowers will be going into that - at the rate we are going it will probably be the only silver we get...........stooopid recession.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Daffodil

Its been so cold and frosty that everything is very late this year. I have a few snowdrops, crocuses and baby iris out in the garden but that's all. The other morning was so sunny and bright that I did some tidying up and sorting out of things outside. I found some pots of bulbs that I put away every year and always forget about - and yet they faithfully appear every spring. This daffodil is in a little pot of 3, that I bought somewhere like Tesco or M&S for about €4 one year. I enjoyed them so much when I bought them, and every year afterwards they keep popping up, despite being neglected all year and stuck at the shady end of the garden. I was so pleased to find them again, and even more pleased when I got my first daffodil of the year. I do love this cold, frosty, bright weather - but it will be nice to have some spring :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love pink flowers

Although these ones aren't really pink, more white with a little pink edge. They have gone on a mother's day card, as I had the perfect paper and ribbon to go with them - hope she likes it!