Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

I love Earth Hour. For anyone who doesn't take part in this, can I recommend it for next year. All you have to do is to turn your lights and other electrical items off for one hour. The first year that we took part, the family was all a bit dubious - I mean, what on earth will we do for an hour with no TV, computers, lights and playstation? Well, we sat and chatted and laughed for an hour and were enjoying ourselves so much that we forgot to turn the lights back on, and then when we realised the time, we didn't want to as the candlelight was so nice. So now I have turned it into a special event and an excuse for some quality family time. Last night I cooked a special dinner aimed to start at 8pm so that all the kitchen equipment was off by the start of the hour at 830pm. The whole family and one son's girlfriend were there, and had made a special effort to be there, giving up other things for it, which I really appreciated. We had a lovely evening, sitting on in the candlelight well after the hour was over.

And this morning there was a beautiful sculpture awaiting me on the mantelpiece which I really don't want to break up and throw away! The only downside is that the clocks went forward as well and I really miss that sleep time!

This week's flowers were these lovely silver ones, a bit like 4 leaf clovers. Im not sure what I will use them for, as they aren't really very suitable for sticking onto a card, the sticking area is quite thin. Im thinking about attaching them with ribbon to something atm. Will keep you posted!
Aaaaand - we were taking another egg from that box this morning and found yet another little feather in there, a brown one this time - what a lovely weekend!


  1. Well earth hour happened in our home this year, I even wrote it on the calender so that I wouldnt forget.

    Only downside was that I was working so Colin made his planes by candlelight.


  2. I love your photos Lisa especially the first one, Earth hour is so relaxing.

  3. I love that top photo. I was disappointed to miss Earth Hour till too late - I always enjoyed the candlelit times during power cuts when we were growing up. The first Christmas after my parents moved to Kerry, we arrived about half an hour after the power had gone, on Christmas Eve. No ground coffee - DH had to get out a mortar and pestle. And when the power was back at some stage on Christmas Day, there was wax on the grand piano :-( which was not fun to get off without scraping the wood. Aside from that, and the logistics of what food would keep and what had to be used, it was lovely.

  4. Earth hour is great, definitely gonna do it next year! Longe the pic of the candle!

    -Elsie x