Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Daffodil

Its been so cold and frosty that everything is very late this year. I have a few snowdrops, crocuses and baby iris out in the garden but that's all. The other morning was so sunny and bright that I did some tidying up and sorting out of things outside. I found some pots of bulbs that I put away every year and always forget about - and yet they faithfully appear every spring. This daffodil is in a little pot of 3, that I bought somewhere like Tesco or M&S for about €4 one year. I enjoyed them so much when I bought them, and every year afterwards they keep popping up, despite being neglected all year and stuck at the shady end of the garden. I was so pleased to find them again, and even more pleased when I got my first daffodil of the year. I do love this cold, frosty, bright weather - but it will be nice to have some spring :D


  1. Love your tiny daffodils.... chance to win a daffodil (or Boris the bunny) digital stamp on my blog today courtesy of Jane - who just released new images on Squigglefly. All the DT members have the giveaway ... just thought since you like daffs.... you might like to stop by and leave a comment to be in with the chance to win. Have a great weekend.