Sunday, April 11, 2010


There was a certain French flavour to this week's flowers - red, white and blue daisies. I realised that I was lagging a bit with using my flowers, so I made some gift tags from the last two weeks lots.

It was a beautiful sunny day today, and indeed the last few days too. Spring has arrived at last, I will have to get the seed packets out and get planting now I think, by the time they are ready, the soil should be warm enough for planting out. The kits for the raised beds have arrived and so they will need to be constructed too. Added to that, its a very busy time with exams and ballet shows - roll on the summer holidays!


  1. I think the Brits, Americans and Norwegians would take issue with you attributing red white and blue primarily to the French!!!

    Lovely tags, but I am waiting to see the produce from those raised bed. I am green with envy! Cx

  2. I felt the overwhelming need to post here today Mrs Lisa, I love to regulalry check your blog, particularly the weekend after flower day.

    But I have also taken to rambling through some of the blogs you have on your list. As a would be maker of cards, I am absloutely in awe of the creations that I see on your blog and of that on your friends.

    It is truly a gift and on a wet and windy evening in Nairn, it has lifted my mood and spirits.

    Thank you :)
    Sharon xx