Saturday, April 17, 2010

Out Walking

This is one a few pictures I took last week in our local park when I was out for a walk. There are a pair of swans that regularly produce a family, I haven't seen any signs this year yet, but everything is so late there may well be a nest on the island in the pond. I love the shape that swans make when they are floating about like this. In fact I am very partial to swans altogether, something to do with the ballet Swan Lake I think. I love that ballet, both the traditional version with girls-in-white-tutus and also the Matthew Bourne version with male swans. One is so ethereal and beautiful, the other so fierce and menacing - but both equally swan-like. I am also a fan of the Trocks version - so funny and clever - those guys have to be some of the most talented performers on the planet.
On the way back from the park the colours of this little celandine caught my eye against a fallen leaf.
I didn't set this picture up at all, just took it as I saw it! And then later in the week, sitting in the garden in the beautiful sunshine, I saw this tiny little violet which has appeared in a big pot that contains a hydrangea.
This week's flowers were these little blue daisies.
I know I am lagging behind with my crafting again, but its all busy busy here with exams and ballet shows and family birthdays - I will catch up soon!


  1. Eeeeeeekkkkk!!!! Family Birthdays!! Glad you mentioned this because otherwise I might have forgotten due to being completely wrapped up with effects of having to cancel travel plans due to the volcanic ash situ. Where do the years go? Cx

  2. Fabulous swan shot.
    And I love the contrast of the celandine and the leaf, too.
    I remember seeing a rather scary version of Swan Lake. My personal association of them is more with the Children of Lir, and that Hans Christian Anderson one where their poor sister has to spin nettles.