Sunday, May 30, 2010


It got made and put on the patio and I've been sitting on it!! :D I have wanted one of these for about 45 years, when I was a little girl it seemed the most amazing and loveliest of things to have in your garden, and when I sit on it it's instantly relaxing and brilliant and wonderful! Can you tell I like it? :D And even though its not in its final position yet, when I sit on it I can see my lovely Madame Gregoire de Stachelin -
-which is particularly beautiful this year, my little pansies, which have kept going all winter -
- and of course, the wisteria, which is also particularly good this year, and was another childhood dream to have.
Glass of wine, good book - who could ask for anything more?

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Yep that's what was stuck in my washing machine filter, along with a coin from Honduras (blame son no 3), a coin from Switzerland (blame son no 2) and very mysteriously a 5 peseta coin from Spain. No one can quite work that one out, unless it was given in change by mistake. There was also a large amount of hairclips (blame the ballet-bun daughter). So, as I had to call out the repair man, and I had to lift the washing machine out from its slot in the bathroom, and as I had to wash the coinage and clippage (too right she's using them again!), I am doing a little red hen and claiming the €1.43. It won't buy me much, maybe a coffee, or most of a newspaper, or I can save it and put it in my holiday jar :)
This week's flowers are dark red rosebuds, and as I still have the peachy coloured ones from a couple of weeks ago to use up I am going to combine them both on a box I think.
The first line of seeds popped up today, very exciting! So far the defences are holding well, but I'm not so sure about the slug and snail army that is on the move today in the rain, marching towards my nice little courgette, sunflower and sweet pea plants grrrrrrrrr.
Yesterday I took delivery of a garden swing seat, which is an early birthday present from my mum. Hubby wants to build a little paved area for it to sit on the lawn, but as a friend pointed out to me - will he have it made before the snow comes back again? I was hoping to get it made up on the patio today but of course its pouring rain just to thwart me. Ah well, there's always tomorrow :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, here's the first raised bed, planted with rows of seeds and barricaded against attack. We haven't quite finished the paths in between the beds yet, they will be nice and wood-chippy soon, when I get back to the store to exchange the matting I bought too much of!
And here are the attackers (some of them at least)........

Look like butter wouldn't melt, don't they? Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiight!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Finally a card!

Here are last Friday's flowers, I have used them already on a thank you card, which I can't post just yet.
And here is a card for a birthday that has been sent now, so I can post it -

I used my little white flowers on it, stamped Happy Birthday on the back of the tag and added some buttons (yes I know they are wonky, I had a moment!). Finally I have some time for catching up now which is nice - unfortunately I have discovered a very pleasant way of passing an evening - sitting in the garden drawing while listening to my new iPod - no crafting getting done!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lagging again.......

Yep, I'm lagging again, forgot to upload last Friday's flowers, these little apricot coloured rosebuds. I am also lagging quite badly on making things from my flowers but hopefully will be able to remedy that soon, as I am now finished work for the summer.
I have been watching the Mooneycam over the last week quite a bit, its fascinating. The bluetit had 6 eggs that hatched, and one left. But I noticed earlier that there were 7 little yellow beaks open and no egg left, so it must have hatched today! The swans in our local park have got 9 cygnets this year, I don't ever remember them having so many. I wonder is it a reaction to the exceptionally cold winter, that the birds are producing so many chicks.
Now that the weather is so much warmer, we have some seedling ready to go out, and some seeds ready to plant in the raised beds. I treated them last night with a nematode solution, which hopefully will reduce any pests and nasty creepy slimy things! Now to get the netting out so we can deter the cats a little bit, so far they just think that the raised beds are their personal play areas......sigh.......

Monday, May 17, 2010


Who is that grey-haired woman
plump-plodding down the street?
She looks tired, care-full.
Two shiny-youngs go past her, laughing, exclaiming.
Tight jeans, long hair loose-flying
free from the future.
She is invisible.
In her mind she feels
Long hair, tight jeans -
She stares back at me from the shop window.
And I realise -
I don't know her at all.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Flowers and nests

Here are this week's flowers, they are edged with pale blue, which doesn't really show up in the photo very well. They will go on a card and probably on a LO as well, but I won't be doing them for a week or so, I'm so busy.
One of the reasons for the busyness is the younger two offspring's ballet school show, which only happens once every 3 years and is quite a mega-affair. Approx 300 children of ages 3 up to 19 at all different levels of dance ability. I usually help out side-stage doing props and costumes and so that means quite a few last minute jobs. One of these was adding to the costume that my son is wearing for his role as one of the ugly sisters in Cinderella. Himself and a friend are having great fun adapting their role as they go along - and the ball-gowns have been added to considerably since the costumes were first received. Head-dresses were required, so I produced a bird's nest -
- its made from packing stuff and some Easter chicks and glued and stitched to a comb. The whole wig is an elaborate curly affair - although the daytime version is a green bob!

I have also been following Nestwatch on the Mooneycam - I was very excited to be watching when the robin's eggs first appeared, but I missed the chicks leaving the nest. However, the blue tit has now laid so I will be keeping an eye on that one now! It always amazes me that life and death is played out and we can be utterly unaware of it. There are 2 parents who have laid their eggs, raised their chicks and sent them out into the world, all while I was making some costumes and dinners. How humbling is that.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

oh Im so behind............

I dunno where the time is going just now, in my head its still early March but suddenly the trees are finally green and things are starting to grow. We have the raised beds ready to plant now but nothing planted yet! I even got the seeds and compost and tags out today but then got sidetracked with costume making for another upcoming ballet show (the dance school this time). I am so behind with my flowers as well, these are the last two weeks offerings, I love them. I have some cards to make so I will catch up hopefully tomorrow, but I can't post the cards until after the birthdays of course.
I have so many craft projects on hold just now as well, and I just picked up a few more the last few days too - but it will be much calmer once the next 2 weeks are over, no more shows or exams so time for me :D