Saturday, May 29, 2010


Yep that's what was stuck in my washing machine filter, along with a coin from Honduras (blame son no 3), a coin from Switzerland (blame son no 2) and very mysteriously a 5 peseta coin from Spain. No one can quite work that one out, unless it was given in change by mistake. There was also a large amount of hairclips (blame the ballet-bun daughter). So, as I had to call out the repair man, and I had to lift the washing machine out from its slot in the bathroom, and as I had to wash the coinage and clippage (too right she's using them again!), I am doing a little red hen and claiming the €1.43. It won't buy me much, maybe a coffee, or most of a newspaper, or I can save it and put it in my holiday jar :)
This week's flowers are dark red rosebuds, and as I still have the peachy coloured ones from a couple of weeks ago to use up I am going to combine them both on a box I think.
The first line of seeds popped up today, very exciting! So far the defences are holding well, but I'm not so sure about the slug and snail army that is on the move today in the rain, marching towards my nice little courgette, sunflower and sweet pea plants grrrrrrrrr.
Yesterday I took delivery of a garden swing seat, which is an early birthday present from my mum. Hubby wants to build a little paved area for it to sit on the lawn, but as a friend pointed out to me - will he have it made before the snow comes back again? I was hoping to get it made up on the patio today but of course its pouring rain just to thwart me. Ah well, there's always tomorrow :D

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  1. €1.43 - not a bad haul - d'you think J would try to claim it as "road money" if he was there!!!

    The weather's supposed to pick up after today - so you might get to sit out the garden next week (maybe not on the swing, though!).