Friday, May 7, 2010

Flowers and nests

Here are this week's flowers, they are edged with pale blue, which doesn't really show up in the photo very well. They will go on a card and probably on a LO as well, but I won't be doing them for a week or so, I'm so busy.
One of the reasons for the busyness is the younger two offspring's ballet school show, which only happens once every 3 years and is quite a mega-affair. Approx 300 children of ages 3 up to 19 at all different levels of dance ability. I usually help out side-stage doing props and costumes and so that means quite a few last minute jobs. One of these was adding to the costume that my son is wearing for his role as one of the ugly sisters in Cinderella. Himself and a friend are having great fun adapting their role as they go along - and the ball-gowns have been added to considerably since the costumes were first received. Head-dresses were required, so I produced a bird's nest -
- its made from packing stuff and some Easter chicks and glued and stitched to a comb. The whole wig is an elaborate curly affair - although the daytime version is a green bob!

I have also been following Nestwatch on the Mooneycam - I was very excited to be watching when the robin's eggs first appeared, but I missed the chicks leaving the nest. However, the blue tit has now laid so I will be keeping an eye on that one now! It always amazes me that life and death is played out and we can be utterly unaware of it. There are 2 parents who have laid their eggs, raised their chicks and sent them out into the world, all while I was making some costumes and dinners. How humbling is that.


  1. Love the wig - and can't wait to see the entire ensemble!!!


  2. Great wigs. Looking forward to seeing them in motion!!! I haven't followed Mooneycam at all this year except by listening! But you are right - the circle of life is amazing and we are so so insignificant in the grand scale of things. Cx

  3. Hmm, I left a comment yesterday. But maybe I shut down too quickly. The bird's nest hairdo gave me such a laugh yesterday - it's wonderful!
    Are those little baby robins fledged already? Where does time go! I was wondering could it be that fast, because I think our robins are in a new nest now, no longer at the end of our garden but at the end of next-door's.