Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lagging again.......

Yep, I'm lagging again, forgot to upload last Friday's flowers, these little apricot coloured rosebuds. I am also lagging quite badly on making things from my flowers but hopefully will be able to remedy that soon, as I am now finished work for the summer.
I have been watching the Mooneycam over the last week quite a bit, its fascinating. The bluetit had 6 eggs that hatched, and one left. But I noticed earlier that there were 7 little yellow beaks open and no egg left, so it must have hatched today! The swans in our local park have got 9 cygnets this year, I don't ever remember them having so many. I wonder is it a reaction to the exceptionally cold winter, that the birds are producing so many chicks.
Now that the weather is so much warmer, we have some seedling ready to go out, and some seeds ready to plant in the raised beds. I treated them last night with a nematode solution, which hopefully will reduce any pests and nasty creepy slimy things! Now to get the netting out so we can deter the cats a little bit, so far they just think that the raised beds are their personal play areas......sigh.......

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