Sunday, May 2, 2010

oh Im so behind............

I dunno where the time is going just now, in my head its still early March but suddenly the trees are finally green and things are starting to grow. We have the raised beds ready to plant now but nothing planted yet! I even got the seeds and compost and tags out today but then got sidetracked with costume making for another upcoming ballet show (the dance school this time). I am so behind with my flowers as well, these are the last two weeks offerings, I love them. I have some cards to make so I will catch up hopefully tomorrow, but I can't post the cards until after the birthdays of course.
I have so many craft projects on hold just now as well, and I just picked up a few more the last few days too - but it will be much calmer once the next 2 weeks are over, no more shows or exams so time for me :D

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