Sunday, May 30, 2010


It got made and put on the patio and I've been sitting on it!! :D I have wanted one of these for about 45 years, when I was a little girl it seemed the most amazing and loveliest of things to have in your garden, and when I sit on it it's instantly relaxing and brilliant and wonderful! Can you tell I like it? :D And even though its not in its final position yet, when I sit on it I can see my lovely Madame Gregoire de Stachelin -
-which is particularly beautiful this year, my little pansies, which have kept going all winter -
- and of course, the wisteria, which is also particularly good this year, and was another childhood dream to have.
Glass of wine, good book - who could ask for anything more?


  1. George Clooney to sit beside me on that rocker - and a housekeeper inside doing all the work!! Looks great. Carol xoxo

  2. I think i am very jealous of your garden swing and im glad you have told me that, that very lovely plant is a wisteria....... i need a garden :)


  3. Where will 1.43 buy you a coffee!! And I'm surprised there are still any pesetas in circulation to end up in change. I notice the odd American coin in mine from time to time.
    I love those hammocks - lucky you!! I remember once about thirty years ago spending most of an afternoon and evening on one, and when I went to bed that night I almost felt sea-sick, I was still feeling the rocking motion. Probably just as well I was staying the night and not cycling back home or I might have fallen off!
    Zepherine Drouhin is my dream rose - one sniff and I am back in the rose garden where I grew up. And Eye Paint is the one I always check out in the Botanic Gardens although it doesn't have much scent.

  4. Wow Lisa, that is exactly what I'd like on my patio,so I can keep an eye on my beautiful Zepherine Drouhin, Constance Spry and Charles De Mills. No Wisteria in our garden but plenty of other climbers. Enjoy the summer

  5. oo must go look up Zepherine Drouhin, I don't know it. My daughter is just about to start her Junior Cert and she spent all day on Friday lying on the hammock and studying, then she couldn't sleep for the feeling of rocking!!