Monday, June 7, 2010


There appears to be an interloper on my soon as I put the cushions on it he jumps up and makes himself comfortable! He doesn't seem to mind it swinging either, although the only other cat to brave the jump hates it and digs his claws in really hard. He can't resist it though! well, its nice to have a soft purring cat to keep you company while you relax.
Last Friday's flowers were some more of these little peach roses......I did intend to actually put them up on the day, but I got sidetracked by other things. I finally got round to using up some flowers as well, I made a very belated card for a friend's birthday -
the white flowers have crackle glaze on them but it doesn't really show. And I stuck some of the rosebuds onto a notelet box -
the notelets were a William Morris design, which was printed on the lid and so I had to do very little really. There was some writing on 2 of the sides which I covered with some labels, and the base was covered with a plain piece of paper. I am going to use it for a voucher birthday present for one of my friends.


  1. Nice work Lisa, your cat has the same habit as ours, him in the nice chair in the office and me on an old hard one, or the best spot on the garden bench, cats eh......

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous box. And as for Mr. Puss-Cat - well what do you expect!!! Have my fingers crossed for our respective offspring tomorrow. Roll on end of June when all exam-fever is over........ Cxxxx