Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The first proper rows of seedlings! These ones are radish, lettuce, oriental leaves and mixed leaves. I also have some carrots and spring onions showing themselves and a few peas too. I planted some more salad seeds today, 2 more rows of peas and some tomato and broccoli plants. That's all the beds full now so we will see what happens. We have had a few crises with an over helpful mother who liberally scattered blue slug pellets everywhere one wet night, and some sleeping cats who thought seedlings were a perfect cat-bed. But mostly the defences have held secure, even though I have run out of tent pegs for the final bed so its a bit dodgy!
And if it would only stop raining long enough I could put my cushions back on my seat and rest from my labours :P

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  1. Fantastic - and not a blue pellet left in sight! Cx