Monday, June 28, 2010


I took these pictures the other night just standing at my back door - the moon was just caught beside a cloud, it looks a little like a spaceship I thought.
The air was so still, and the smell of the honeysuckle filled the air, it was beautiful.


  1. We were driving down from Dromore on Sunday and the moon was fabulous, an orange harvest moon. These photos are lovely - I think I like the bottom one best.
    Radishes - yum yum. Do you eat them neat or with salt? I never came across that till we were staying with friends in Brittany.
    How id you manage to get the sky looking so dark? I get too much noise when I try night shots.

  2. thanks Sabrina :) I never ate radishes with salt, must try that! I've just sliced up one for my tea. Tbh the shots are just luck, I don't do anything with my camera just point and shoot, it does have settings but I'm too much of a techno-dope to do anything fancy. It;s a Fuji Finepix, I love it, its small and pretty much gives me the shot I want each time. Sometimes I use the close-up setting but that's it...........sorry :(

  3. oops not a Fuji, a Panasonic Lumix.....had a moment!