Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm not really a summer person, to be honest. I don't like being hot and sweaty, I don't like being in the sun, and I don't like trying to sleep when it's all hot and muggy and clammy. I much prefer those long winter nights of sitting by the fire, walks in the howling wind and rain, SNOW, of course! and those perfect gems of winter days when time seems to stand still, the air is clear, the sky is blue and the light is magical. BUT. I do have some perfect summer moments that I love.
One is watering the garden in the evening when the air is cool and still and the smell is wonderful. I love watching the drops of water on the leaves, gathering and dripping onto the ground. Another is foxgloves. These ones were a present in our garden from the birds. They appear in different places each year, and this year, because of our raised beds, they had to be moved. I dug them up on one of those gem days in the winter, just before the really bad snow arrived, and thankfully, they have survived. They are so beautiful, and I always remember the first time that my father showed me a bee going right inside the flower to gather the nectar. I also remember how we scared each other in primary school by saying that if you put the flowers on your fingers you would die from the poison in them! I wonder how many lives have been saved that same poison.
Another of my summer loves is sitting in the garden in the evening, when the sun has gone off it, it's cool, but not cold, the smell of the honeysuckle fills the air (now the wisteria is over), the air is still, there's the occasional noise from the coast of ships' hooters, and the occasional late bumble bee buzzing past. I am writing this sitting on my hammock seat in the garden, just about to put a DVD in my laptop and watch that with a glass of wine I can put up with any amount of sweatiness for that!


  1. i am sitting here in my pj's and gownie, cos I cant sleep this afternoon cos of the Sun and people outside and wishing that I had a garden with a swing so that I could sit out there with a dvd :)


  2. Oh, I love foxgloves! I grew some in our last garden but I didn't bring them when we moved. They're one of those magical sort of flowers, like snap-dragons.
    I do like the summer - but not on grey muggy days like today.