Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back and feeling lazy!

Well, I'm not feeling that lazy, just chilled, which is nice......and my cat seemed to enjoy the washing basket that I left on the grass the other day. He just loves being IN something! The veggie boxes went a bit mad when I was away, as the hubby wasn't giving them enough TLC so I had to pull some of the salad which had gone to flower. We have so much left however, it's not really noticeable. The tomato plants have turned into trees and the gourds are making a mini-jungle! I have never grown carrots before so I just had to pull some to see how they were doing -
and the answer is.........small, but very tasty! I won't pull any more for a while though. The peas are a bit disappointing, I'm not sure why they are not doing well, as my mother's peas in a different part of the garden are doing great (and they face the same direction too). Anyhow the courgettes are fine -
personally, I don't usually leave them to get this fat, but as already mentioned, the hubby, you know :P They tasted good anyway.
And of course, I missed my flowers on Friday and had to open them when I got home. Here they are, some little blue gem ones, which I will use on a card.
I'm off now to cook some lunch.....I am starting to follow the GL diet to support a friend, and have been shopping for all the bits I need. I've decided to cook enough dinner for all the family and if they don't like it or want chips with it then that's fine! I can always freeze any leftovers for myself another day. It's based on keeping your blood sugar levels constant and lots of veg of course. I'm really determined to make this change as I need to be a lot more healthy, and hope to keep a record of how I'm getting on here. Watch this space!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Flowers

Well today is Friday and it's the hubby's birthday as well! I got these little indigo flowers today, I like these tiny ones as they are quite versatile - you can use them on their own, in a bunch, or as the centre of a larger flower. Funny weather today, I've had the washing in and out of the garden but it hasn't really rained much, just been threatening. We are off out to dinner tonight, hurray no cooking. Then on Monday I am off to Scotland for a week so I will have lots of photos to show when I get back.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Short stop

Just a quick pop-in to show last Friday's flowers, little purple bunch, I think I'm gonna keep them as a bunch and use them on a notebook. Been busy with the painting (it's almost done) and lots of crafting and trying to ignore the weeds that are popping up amongst the veg......might have to give them some attention today though! Mind is still gobsmacked by the dragon..........I do love dragons!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Love

Yep totally totally smitten. My friend Julie rang me earlier today and said she had something to show me. So I met her and she drove me, with my eyes closed, to this utterly amazing gate.
I sat there gasping in total amazement - then got myself together and took some photos. There is also the most amazing railing, which looked like upside down tuning forks. It belongs to Harlech House, a house that I have been very near to lots of times as I have a friend who lives round the corner from it - but because it is in the back of an estate I never actually saw it before today. I came home, googled it, and found the website, and have spent quite a while oohing and aaahing over the pictures on it. Dragons aside, the artwork and design in the house are completely amazing. I am soooooooooooo totally gobsmacked by it.
I also went to the website of the people who made the gates, Anthony and Simon Robinson - more absolutely gorgeous and amazing stuff there. I really really really hope my prize bond gets lucky soon, you think I have any chance?
Thank you, Julie, for a really wonderful surprise :D


Haven't been posting here, not sure why, really, I have just been pottering and catching up with some craft projects and other stuff. I had decided to make some Artist Trading Cards for a forum friend's son on the theme of Marvel superheroes but had forgotten all about it. So this week I decided to give it a go, have never made an ATC before but it was quite fun, like a very tiny layout.
I kept these very simple, basically cos I didn't really know what I was doing, and they look rubbish in the photos, but in RL aren't too bad! Now to get them in the post, they've already been buried on the craft table as I made some cards for family birthdays (July is busy) and started to cover a satsuma box. Also have the watercolours out to make a start on Jackie's photo :D
Last Friday's flowers were these little blue gems, I used them on a card for the birthday club, also used the forget-me-nots from the previous week on a different card - can't post them up yet tho!
The raised beds are a great success, lots and lots of salads and radishes, peas coming on, tomatoes too, and the purple broccoli is growing fast too. It's made me realise that if you grow veggies, you really can't go away on holiday unless you have someone to really mind them - they are worse than pets!!!