Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back and feeling lazy!

Well, I'm not feeling that lazy, just chilled, which is nice......and my cat seemed to enjoy the washing basket that I left on the grass the other day. He just loves being IN something! The veggie boxes went a bit mad when I was away, as the hubby wasn't giving them enough TLC so I had to pull some of the salad which had gone to flower. We have so much left however, it's not really noticeable. The tomato plants have turned into trees and the gourds are making a mini-jungle! I have never grown carrots before so I just had to pull some to see how they were doing -
and the answer is.........small, but very tasty! I won't pull any more for a while though. The peas are a bit disappointing, I'm not sure why they are not doing well, as my mother's peas in a different part of the garden are doing great (and they face the same direction too). Anyhow the courgettes are fine -
personally, I don't usually leave them to get this fat, but as already mentioned, the hubby, you know :P They tasted good anyway.
And of course, I missed my flowers on Friday and had to open them when I got home. Here they are, some little blue gem ones, which I will use on a card.
I'm off now to cook some lunch.....I am starting to follow the GL diet to support a friend, and have been shopping for all the bits I need. I've decided to cook enough dinner for all the family and if they don't like it or want chips with it then that's fine! I can always freeze any leftovers for myself another day. It's based on keeping your blood sugar levels constant and lots of veg of course. I'm really determined to make this change as I need to be a lot more healthy, and hope to keep a record of how I'm getting on here. Watch this space!

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