Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Love

Yep totally totally smitten. My friend Julie rang me earlier today and said she had something to show me. So I met her and she drove me, with my eyes closed, to this utterly amazing gate.
I sat there gasping in total amazement - then got myself together and took some photos. There is also the most amazing railing, which looked like upside down tuning forks. It belongs to Harlech House, a house that I have been very near to lots of times as I have a friend who lives round the corner from it - but because it is in the back of an estate I never actually saw it before today. I came home, googled it, and found the website, and have spent quite a while oohing and aaahing over the pictures on it. Dragons aside, the artwork and design in the house are completely amazing. I am soooooooooooo totally gobsmacked by it.
I also went to the website of the people who made the gates, Anthony and Simon Robinson - more absolutely gorgeous and amazing stuff there. I really really really hope my prize bond gets lucky soon, you think I have any chance?
Thank you, Julie, for a really wonderful surprise :D

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