Wednesday, August 25, 2010

aaah Autumn!!

Oh yes, it's definitely in the air. I was out for my walk yesterday morning and I noticed a definite chill about, and some leaves have started to turn. There were also a few conkers and fir cones down off the trees. Hurray! I have waxed lyrical already about how much I love Autumn so I won't go on about it again...........but boy, I do LOVE this time of year :D
Trusty Ipod is now nice and cosy in its crochet case, it fits very comfortably over my shoulder and there's plenty of room to tuck the wire in as well so nothing flapping about and annoying me. I just got the soundtrack from the movie In Bruges today so have uploaded that. Beautiful beautiful soundtrack and a really good movie - if you haven't seen it yet, give it a watch. It's hilariously funny, extremely sad, very clever, and very moving. Lots of swear words though, be warned!


  1. Hi Sabriel,

    I thought I was the only one who loves autumn (yes, it does sound nuts!) and most people around me won't agree. Fave trees in my garden are the Acers - and they all turn gorgeous golds and reds.

    Looks like your crochet case will keep your ipod coz for the impending winter :-) Looks fab.

    Have a nice weekend,


  2. Autumn is my favourite season too. Don't know why but when I smell that autumny scent (like I did a couple of days ago) it makes me feel safe and comforted in a way no other season does. I think it is the prospect of cosy fires, hot water bottles and you-know-what that begins with C!!

    C xoxoxox

  3. The crocheting is taking off a pace since the early days of the shell of a tortoise :). The Aster looks beautiful and perfect.

    How wonderfully strange that you should mention In Bruges as it was on the TV here this weekend. Saw the very very end of it but have been told that it is a very good movie.