Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dinner from the garden

Great excitement yesterday as I pulled half the first row of carrots, some spring onions and a few peas for our dinner! The main part of the dinner was Dhal with rice, I added the onions to the lentil mix, along with one of our ordinary onions from the plait.
Then I cooked the carrot separately, boiled them first and then put them back in the pan with a tiny bit of butter, a veggie stock cube and a tiny bit of water. They were soooooooo delicious. They were such funny shapes too, it makes me wonder how the carrots that you find in the shops are so perfect.
There weren't many peas, but I threw them in with the carrots just at the end of their cooking time so they got the nice buttery sauce, and they tasted delicious. Will definitely be growing carrots again next year! Does anyone know if you can eat the carrot tops? It seems such a shame to put them on the compost heap, and I know if we still had our guinea pigs they would be having a wonderful time this summer!

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