Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dreams of Giants

We went to the Giant's Causeway today, and it was a really lovely day. The sun shone all day, and in the distance we could see my beloved Scotland like a blue dream. The rocks were amazing, although we found it strange that there were no signs explaining how they actually formed, but plenty of information about the legend of the giant! They are columnar basalt formed by an underwater volcano, and in some places you can see pillow lava also. This is lava in the shape of round balls or pillows, and has been extruded underwater.
I love the story of Finn McCool making a path to go and entice his enemy over the water so he could kill him, but its also amazing to consider how these structures were really formed. Some of the shapes have names, below is the Organ.
I was standing looking up at it, and at the top of the organ pipes you can see the unstructured basalt that was extruded after the columns. While I was waiting to take this photo (it was quite busy there today!) I happened to look down and saw this -
I think it's a Cinnabar Moth on some thistles. There were lots of bees around too, and plenty of wildflowers.

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