Monday, August 23, 2010


Finally a nasturtium flowered in our garden! Everything is so late this year. This one is a self-seeded one from last year, which were self-seeded from the year before, so it was good value from one packet of seeds. The flowers are so bright and vibrant in amongst all the green.
I planted a packet of black pansy seeds and they all germinated and grew well, and were planted out in a row under our birch tree. However, I didn't realise how much the snails enjoyed eating them, so only 2 plants survived and this is the flower from one of them. I am hoping they will come back and multiply a bit as they are rather beautiful.
In the same bed, but round the corner (its an L shaped bed) is this white Aster, that I bought the other day for Flash. Something about the flowers made me think of his white flash on his forehead, and also, they look like stars. I liked the idea of his plant being like stars. It's evergreen and hardy so I'm hoping it will be there all through the winter and then be covered in little stars each autumn.
And last Friday's flowers were these little purple ones. I know where they are going - straight onto a book I am making for a friend - the cover is purple and green. Perfect!

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