Wednesday, August 11, 2010


One side-effect of this GL eating, and keeping my blood sugar levels constant, is that I don't feel tired and drained like I used to do. And I can't sit still on the sofa for as long as I used t0! After a lovely morning out with my friend, having coffee and chat (well, herbal tea lol) I gave 20 year old son a haircut and then trundled out into the garden to sort those jungles of veggie beds. We always knew this first season would be a learning curve, and here are some of the lessons. Above, Lesson no 1, leave the tomatoes in a Grow-Bag! I cut back a lot of them before I took this picture as well, there are lots of tomatoes on them, but they are still WAY too big and take up too much space which could be better used.
Lesson no 2 - plant the broccoli in a square, and not a row (and not near any tomatoes!). This would make it easier to net, and of course this poor broccoli doesn't have enough space anyway. I'm thinking that the next lot of planting (which will be autumn and winter crops courtesy of a nice pack of seedlings from Quickcrop) will be in blocks, rather than rows, I think it would be easier to manage, particularly as one of our beds is near an old wall with an apple tree on it.
Lesson no. 3 - gourds and sunflowers like this wall! The gourds are doing really well, I'm hoping for lots of fruits from them. They are an ornamental variety called Crown of Thorns, and I'm just growing them for fun. I might try a different variety next year, or some pumpkins, I love pumpkins.
The sunflowers are a dark variety, they survive the slug attacks much better than the ordinary yellow ones (which all got eaten yet AGAIN this year). My dear friend Joan always loved these sunflowers. This one is for you, Joan. I miss you. xx.

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  1. Never know that was such a thing as a "dark"
    It looks really lovely.