Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life goes on

Well, life carries on and I have to get used to being without my furry friend. I didn't think I would miss him this much, but my goodness I really do. He was such a companion this summer, no matter who else went off on travels he was always here, cuddling up to me and purring.
Last Friday's flowers were little wooden sunflowers, very pretty - I'm not sure what I will use them on just yet, I have a few now to use up. I think some sort of gardeny lay-out would be nice.
I finished my little crochet tortoise this week, he is about 3" from end to end. I am going to make some more, they are so quick and easy but I'm not happy with his head, it's a little too big and I think I might have lost count with the rows! I am also nearly done with the Ipod holder, not because it's hard, but because I just keep putting it down and doing something else!
The new lot of lettuce and salad leaves are popping up in the beds now, and the gourds are making male flowers but no female ones yet, so I'm wondering when they will appear. We also have to find a nice plant to put for Flash, not sure what that will be yet. I thought about catmint but then decided that no, the other cats would just roll in it and flatten it and be a complete nuisance! any suggestions welcome - its a semi shady spot, slightly damp. ty :)

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