Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tea and Flowers

Well, week one of the GL eating plan is almost complete and although I have not been enamoured of it, I have lost 5lbs so will stop complaining now! I have found it hard to go without tea and coffee, but it does mean that my little teapots get great use just now, and also my new teacosy knitted for me by Carol (hug). It fits both my teapots, which are those pretty china ones with a cup that they sit in, and depending on my mood I can have my tea surrounded by pink or blue roses! The reason I am using my little teapots is because I am drinking herbal teas and Redbush tea, all caffeine free, and of course, they cannot contaminate the main family teapot!!! As I type this I am trying a new flavour, Lemon and Ginger, which is quite nice, but not really very lemony (my favourite one is Lemon Zinger, yum!).
Anyhow, last Friday's flowers were these little pale blue ones, which are very useful for cards. You can use them on their own or as the centre of bigger flowers. I have a card hiatus at the moment, except for one manly birthday at the end of August so I might put these on a box instead.
The veggies continue in their mission to populate the entire county, and this week i harvested the onions, and managed to make 2 plaits out of them, which I have hung up in the kitchen. I don't know how practical this is going to be, but I like it for the moment! There's nothing showing on the broccoli yet, but there are some tiny green tomatoes on the tomato jungle. The peas continue to be disappointing, I'm not sure where we are going wrong with them. The smallest box is now cleared of raggedy salad and is ready for some autumn and winter this space!
I never posted any pictures from Scotland, mainly because I had put them all on Facebook, but this is one of my favourite beaches in the world. It's at Nairn, and is very beautiful, in both winter and summer. I had a lovely wander along the water's edge with my very small friend, who decided she really didn't like the feel of the sand under her feet and it would be a much better idea to keep her socks on!

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