Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Which bit is the mortar?

Last Friday's flowers are unusual, they are metal daisies with little green brads that you can put in the centre, or not, as you choose. I like them, which probably means I will save them for a while! I still haven't used up my most recent flowers, I have been decorating boxes and doing some layouts, and the colours just haven't worked. When I was in Scotland I started crocheting a mini tortoise, which I still haven't finished and is this week's project, that and the Ipod holder that I want so that I can bring my Ipods on walks with my pocketless trousers. Why don't women's trousers ever have pockets?
I am still going on with the GL eating, I don't miss tea and coffee at all now, and I was standing at a muffin stand this morning with my daughter, getting her some lunch (not a muffin!) and I didn't feel an urge for any coffee and cakes like I used to do. It's quite liberating in many ways, not to be in the grip of a caffeine urge. The diet uses seeds and nuts quite a lot, and as you need to grind seeds before you eat them I decided to dig out my mortar and pestle from the back of the cupboard. Yes, it was one of those things that I got as a present and then never really used at all. I never threw it out, because I actually like the look of it, and because it was a pressie, and because I always hoped I would get round to using it more one day. And so I have! It is perfect for grinding linseeds, those annoying little tiny seeds that do horrible things to your digestive system if you eat them whole. I will try sesame seeds next!
Soooo.......which bit is the mortar then? :D

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  1. Well, the mortar is definitely the bowl part. Didn't Baba Yaga, in Russian folk stories, ride on a pestle rather than the more European broomstick? It's years since I read Arthur Ransome's book of Russian stories, but that seems to have stuck in my memorey. I recently broke my beloved little old Wedgewood one and had to on the hunt for another one.
    I am with you on the pocketless trousers - and skirts. Any skirt I make myself gets a pocket whether it was in the pattern or not.