Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, all the winter veg are planted and surviving ok, and being harvested too, so I got my act together this weekend and got some crafting done for a change! I did the layout above for a challenge on CardsnScrapz forum - the colours and elements were set and I wanted to try something different, so I painted the colours onto the cardstock with acrylic paint. Not 100% sure if it works but it was fun!
Then I decided to set myself a challenge to try and clear out some of the paper bits I have accumulated. This little red cardboard suitcase came from Paris in 1982. It's about 12" x 8 x4. We were on an InterRail holiday and it seemed to me to be the very height of Parisian chic! It cost the equivalent of £5, which seemed an AWFUL lot at the time, and used up the very last of my budget. I used it as a handbag for a while, and it has gone through several other phases in its life, but now it is used for storing small bits of paper -
Everything is in a jumble in it, and bits of larger paper get shoved in there when I've done something, and half pads of 6x6 etc - my challenge is to use up this paper on cards etc before buying any more new sheets of paper!
And in the spirit of this, I started off by making this blingy card from torn pieces of handmade paper and purple chocolate wrapper and beads and this weeks flowers! The picture isn't very good, it does look better in real life, and flowers are quite sparkly.
I also had fun with some leaves and acrylic paint, but that's not finished yet so I will save it for another day!
Thanks for looking :)

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