Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time for Change

Autumn is a great time for change, and today I spent the morning in the garden, removing the old tomato and pea plants and making space for our winter veg. I decided to bring the green tomatoes inside, still on their stems, as they were getting eaten as fast as they ripened (and before I could pick them!) and the plants were taking up too much space. I have quite a haul, some of them are ripening fine, but I'm sure I will have to make some chutney with the stubborn few.
My gourds are making fruit now, I am hoping they will ripen into the autumn, they look funny, and I quite fancy having a bowl of them on display! We have got some winter salad planted, some cabbage and turnips too, thanks to Quickcrop seedlings (much easier than faffing about with seed trays) and I think next month we will have to buy a protective cover for the bed to see the plants through the winter. The leaves are starting to turn now in the garden as well, and it's going to be a very colourful autumn I think. I cut a few of the dark sunflowers to bring into the house and they look pretty on my windowsill.
Friday's flowers were these blue roses. I have finally got going on my book again, but the flowers are still waiting to be used! There has been a lot churning around my head lately, and I have made some decisions and had some ideas, so I feel a lot clearer now and ready to roll!


  1. My dad has some of the dark sunflowers in his gardens, i much prefer them to the yellow ones, although they are lovely too.

    What are Gords, i feel like i am missing out?

    And as for tomato chutney, yummy!!

    I bet your garden is looking lovely, but you need to keep a wee space, as I have a surprise that I am sending to you in your Birthday Card!!


  2. Hi Sabriel,

    Nice to see and hear what's going on in your garden. Sounds delicious! My inlaws have a little greenhouse with a few tomatoes growing in compost bags. Talk about tasty! I think though ... after I departed that day there were only green ones left. Lol. Picolini are my favorite. If I want to be self sufficient I think I'd need an acre of these guys!

    Hope to see some of you PAPER creations soon too!


  3. hmm gourds are like pumpkins, same family I think, but u can't eat these ones, they are just for fun - so if I get some harvested I will dry them and varnish them :)and don't worry plenty of spaces left in the garden :) and yes, Lily, paper creations under construction, sorry, been a bit distracted!!