Monday, September 6, 2010

To the Waters and the Wild

Its so wet today, a real shock to the system after so much sun and dry weather. I went for a walk this morning and it was really autumnal, the sea had white horses on it, the trees were blowing about and the swans on the pond were sitting huddled up against the rain and wind. The little birds like wagtails were having such a hard time trying to fly, and I saw a swallow struggle past me, going as much backwards as forwards! I bet he thinks it's time for Africa.
The garden really needs it though, and last night we lit the fire, so I'm looking forward to cosy evenings and autumn colours.
I haven't done much crafting this last few days, it was the daughter's birthday yesterday so I made a chocolate and raspberry pavlova and also of course her card, but other than that I'm a bit stuck.
Need some inspiration, it must be gone away with the sun!

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