Friday, September 3, 2010


I have no idea where the last 10 days went. I came to post several times and then just couldn't get my head around it, for some reason I have felt really flat the last week and can't pinpoint why. After a few sleepless nights (and I do mean sleepless, wow, they were bad) I feel better today, even though the issues causing the sleepless nights haven't gone away, at least one or two small things have been resolved. Anyhow, I got out for my walk this morning (super early, 7.10am!!) and it was lovely. The cygnets in the park are now very grown up looking, in their brown and cream plumage. It's going to be so amazing when they all turn white, but I suspect we won't see it, as I have a feeling they might leave before that.
My favourite route had to be modified as part of it has been closed by the council. It's an old set of stone steps that I loved to stand at the top of and look at the sea, but it was getting quite uneven and dangerous. I hope they fix it soon and don't leave it until after the winter, as I don't like the detour (even though it's tiny), it takes you round by an ugly power station or something and it's smelly!
I have 2 lots of flowers to show today, due to my laziness over the last while. Last Friday I got that lovely bunch of tiny roses, I have used one already on a small gift for a friend and the others I am going to save and just enjoy looking at them. And today I got some metal daisies, they are pink, although the colour doesn't show very well in the photo.
Not sure what they are going on yet, I am getting bogged down in an album that I'm doing for a pressie and my flowers are stacking up! This is the cover of it, the photos are not of their wedding, but I thought one on the cover would be nice as the book is an album of their honeymoon.The cover is mounting board, painted with 2 layers of contrasting acrylic paint and PVA glue. I used some Crackle Paint on the photo to give it a distressed effect but it doesn't really show in the picture. I varnished over the top as well to stop the flakes of crackle falling off!


  1. I don't know if she knows about this, but I think that is just beautiful and that they will love it.

    I like those pink daisies too, have you ever found out who your fairy godmother is?


  2. She does know Im making it, it's a joint birthday pressie for them but I don't think she reads here :)
    and no my Fairy Godmother is a mystery :D