Monday, November 8, 2010

Adventures of a Middle Aged Woman

Ok so, here's the picture. I am sitting on the floor of a shop, a haberdashery, fabric and wool shop. I had been trying to buy some wool when my phone exploded with texts and calls. Suffice to say that some admin had been messed up. So there I am, sitting on the floor, with my folder out to look up some numbers, my bag on one side, my pen out and texting furiously. Meanwhile I want to scream. Very loudly.
Scroll back about half an hour or so. I trundle into town on a Saturday morning with my list. One hour to get my jobs done before a meeting at 11am. Plenty of time. Stop number one, music shop. Music shop doesn't have the music I want and need for pupils. Right. Stop number two, doll's house shop, across the road. Not open. Shuttered and barricaded and no opening times posted. Right. Stop number three, wool shop (I won't tell you the name but it has wool in the title). Need some wool to knit a cardigan for the daughter.
Wool shop has a PATHETIC selection of wool. Right. Cross bridge (over river) and go to above-mentioned haberdashery/fabric/wool shop. On the way my phone rings. Mother of potential pupil looking for info/lesson times. Can't hear her due to loud street noises. Eventually make arrangement (she is very nice btw). Right. Go into above-mentioned shop.
Lots of DK wool but not the right colour selection in the same brand. Learned knitting friend not answering phone. More texts, this time about meeting. Sit down on floor, yes, scream erupting from mouth.
Send texts, breathe, stand up, breathe. Avoid looks from other shoppers who think I am weirdo. Breathe. Leave shop without wool. So far, off my list of jobs I have a big fat zero. Go and buy cup of tea and large chocolate bar. Eat bar. Feel better. Breathe.
Go to meeting, get learned friend on phone. Buy wool (different brands). Go to doll's shop, now open and manage to purchase some items for learned friend. Although they made it very difficult and several items were NOT to be had. Breathe.
It is now pouring rain in what is called stair-rods. Stair-rods go through all clothing and hair and into the wool and also the handbag. 15 minute walk to train at end of which I am now soaking and very glad that I wore 2 T shirts, else I might be indecent. Water dripping off fringe and off nose.
Finally get home, shower, warm up, unpack stuff, pour wine and aaaaaaaaaaaahhh, the day is much better!
and btw that picture is of my beloved Flash - I have inherited his tummy from beyond the grave :D


  1. oh dear, and there was me thinking that was all going to end up with you having recovered the rather nice looking fabric on the chair/sofa :) big hugs from across the water xx

  2. It irks me how many shops open late even on a week day, never mind Saturdays. As far as I am concerned the only time to start shopping in town is 9 in the morning to get it over and done with as soon as possible. Trying to work out your wool shops given that you must be talking about Opus 2 - or is it Opus 1? There's a good but expensive one in the Powerscourt Centre. I get most of mine mail-order from the Shetlands.