Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crowns and wet cats

Well, its that time of year again when INYB are preparing for their annual production of Nutcracker. As I help out with general backstage dogsbody stuff and props etc, I was collecting costumes and props from the store and bringing them to the rehearsal studio, and I noticed that last year's Rat King crown was broken. Well, I never liked that crown anyway, it was too gold and shiny and naff for a Rat King. A Rat King should have an evil crown, a bit dirty and cobwebby and tarnished from being in the sewers for too long. So I came up with a new one, its only paper and card and papier mache, but it looks a bit more than that. The cobweb effect is just strands of glue. It looks quite good in the scene - and the dancers were well impressed!
The weather has been wild here lately, huge winds and heavy rain. Our little fluffy cat Tiger Lily got caught out the other night in one of the storms. I have never seen her so wet, it was actually dripping off her, and she was NOT happy!
She spent a long time licking and cleaning herself, after having a good moan about it all, and a bowl of milk, which always helps soothe a stressed cat :)


  1. I like your description of what King Rat's crown should look like - your creation certainly looks the part!
    Poor cat, I can imagine she was definitely NOT happy.

  2. I love the crown it lokks the real mcCoy to me.
    Poor cat, we've a Tom like that and he comes in looking like that whenit's raining or snowing, he loves it.